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  • All digital, all computer database, 150,000 song collection of the greatest and hottest new tunes!

  • Dependable, professional presentation specifically designed to enhance your business!

  • Professional sound and lighting system featuring Stereo, Hi-Fidelity full range sound, Plus an optional full bass "Thumper" system. Choreographed tri-color flood lights, strobes, pin spot chasers pin spots, multicolor vertigo, smoke and various other lighting affects add excitement to the music!

  • "Crowd Pleasing Music Selections", now over 1500 CD's which offers a wide variety of music from the 40's to the 00's in Big Band, Rock and Roll, MoTown, Classic Rock, Classical, Latino, Disco, Classic Country, Line Dancing, Modern Country, Alternative, and promo hits as they occur. More important; is how it allows us to mold the selections to your particular affair. We program the music from three sources:
    • Proven Golden dance floor standard selections. All time favorites that motivate all age groups to the dance floor.
    • Your personal input. After all, we are working for you, and who knows your guests better, except, of course, for;
    • Your Guests! Although we always use our best discretion, we play your guest's requests.

  • Personality Plus DJ's. The most important thing we provide. Ever been to an club where the DJ could have been replaced by a mannequin in a monkey suit and a juke box? Not our story. From out of the gate, we will engage your guests in interactive entertainment. Emcee duties, Karaoke, games, skits, trivia, contests, dances... we look for that party spark and bring it to life! Our specialty lies in our business expertise to provide the perfect blend of entertainment to enhance your business vision. We are there for you!
KARAOKE - Ask us about Karaoke packages available from our catalogue of over 5000 songs. Perhaps you have seen soda sippers yodel "Your Cheating Heart" and leave a dime at the bar for a tip, but not from our crowd. We work hard to develop an upscale, younger, classic rock oriented client base. The focus is not on launching yet another loser's fantasy country singing career, rather, we are working hard to develop a regular, upwardly mobile demographic of twenty/thirty something professional clientele who will enjoy evenings in your establishment over dinner and drinks with friends. This isn't a program that develops overnight, and we suggest a six-month commitment for weekly shows, backed up with advertising and promotion, but the return is long term and very worthwhile. Talk to us today about setting up a long term, profitable program tailored to your business plan. This isn't entertainment - it's the investment you should be making in your business.

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